7 Figures Made Easy

“Professional Closer” was written with an eye toward helping salespeople refine their skills to become a professional closer.

7 figures made easy,

If sales as a “profession” is taken seriously, it requires time, study and insight to hone your skills.  7 figures made easy,

After spending 20 years married to a top producer, and hearing all of his stories, tips and training in an effort to help others, I wrote this book about my husband’s way of “soft” closing prospects – the entire time he communicated with them.  I needed this boost of confidence, myself, which inspired me to write this book. In essence, my husband and I had the perfect business. Then,he was taken from me and I couldn’t close a cardboard box …so I lost everything. (For my story, read “Successful Women at Home;” which is also for men, by the way).

Why did I lose everything? Because he was the closer and I depended on him to do that part of the business. My part? I got him the leads, which is why we were the perfect partnership. Once he was gone, I could bring in the prospects, but I didn’t necessarily know how to convert them from a prospect into a client.

…Seriously, I couldn’t close a cardboard box!

Then I started writing down everything I learned from his stories, tips and insight he used to help others hone their closing skills …you would be amazed at all he accomplished.  I discovered that others can also learn from this book, i.e. the “secrets to becoming a professional closer,” which is where I got the name for the book. I can pass onto you skills that skyrocketed my husband to the top of the sales profession, generating a seven figure income for our family, which made him a “professional closer.”

Learning how to “soft” close by a professional closer is the most valuable lesson for any salesperson in any market. Remember, no one likes to be sold, but they like to buy things …so you need to learn how to convince them that it is their idea.  This book will show you how.

…You are in control and working towards a close, yet they have no idea because you don’t sound or act like all the rest.

From the moment my husband walked into this profession, he was told that he’d never succeed by doing it his way …but he proved all of them wrong.  For the past 30 years, within companies consisting of hundreds of sales professionals, he would consistently do 60% of all the business, putting over $2,000,000.00 per year in his family’s pocket.

In addition to giving you a visual into the mind of a professional closer, this book will also show you how to increase your income to 7 figures with less work …and in less time – no matter where you are today.  You could be flat broke, or a struggling professional, or an expert of some kind that just wants to increase his or her bottomline.  If your goal is to earn 7 figures or multiply your current income by at least 10X, you need this book.

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