At Home Business

Most people think successful women are those that have a college degree and are in the higher income bracket.  To me, a successful woman is one that can work from home and enjoy her “time freedom,” while earning more than doctors or lawyers or physical therapists, and other well-respected professions, while working less.

This is for men and women, alike …I just want to encourage women as much as I can because I am one!

I was a professional working in a law office and my income didn’t compare to what I am earning now …try starting out at ten times what my salary was. Even if I spent another ten years working for the firm, I would never have this income offered to me doing this part time from home.

My book “Successful Women at Home” is for men and women, I just want to reach out to women who are stressed out in their jobs and show them there is another way.  I also want to reach women that are already home, and teach them how they can be earning 7 figures.

If you aren’t earning $30,000, $60,000, $90,000 or more per month (that’s right, I said “per month,” not year), then you need to find out what you are missing.  It’s one thing to work 40-50 or more hours per week and be a well-respected person in your field, but it’s quite another to earn even more from home, and have the freedom to choose where you want to be and how you spend your time …doing what you love.

I used to work inordinate hours before I met my husband and experienced “eye-opening” income. It was great while it lasted, but when he was taken from me, I lost everything, was even homeless …and found a way to earn 7 figures from home (earn more – in less time) that I share with you in my book “Successful Women at Home.”